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“Mine, and That’s Mine, Too”

When the second parent dies, the fights over personal possessions can derail any sense of family harmony.

In fact, the kids may appear to regress to fights and tactics more common among 3-year-olds.  It may sound as though the kids are each saying: “Mine, and that’s mine, too”.

Why? Certain household goods and personal items can be emotionally priceless to the kids even when the financial value of the item is next to nothing. » Read more..

First Marriage: Should You Sign that Pre-Nup?

Pre-nuptial agreements are most commonly used, and probably make the most sense, when the persons contemplating marriage have children from a previous marriage and desire to protect the children’s inheritance. Pre-nups may also have merit when the net worth of the two parties are vastly different, or when one party has business interests that need protecting so that a later divorce doesn’t create havoc for the party’s business partners.

However, for most first marriages, a pre-nup may cause more harm than good. » Read more..