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Estate Planning is as Much About Life as Death

Thoughtful estate planning can help you build the size of your estate, rather than just focusing on what happens to your money and other possessions after you die.

A good estate plan is more than just the estate planning documents that you receive from your estate planning attorney. And, it is more than avoiding probate and minimizing estate taxes.   » Read more..

Cons Outweigh the Pros in Deeding Your Home to Your Kids Before You Die

Parents who share ownership of the parental home with their children (“jointly held”) – or gift the home entirely to their children — during the parents’ lifetime invite trouble rather than accomplish effective estate planning. » Read more..

Does it Matter if Your Minnesota Home is Abstract or Torrens Property?

Ownership of real estate is determined in one of two ways in Minnesota – the Torrens system or the Abstract system.

Does it matter which one your Minnesota home is titled under? The answer to that question is both “yes” and “no”. » Read more..

Discover Your Ancestors. Discover Yourself.

Do we inherit more than property and genetic traits from our ancestors?

Do we inherit values and personal characteristics, too? Do family stories tell us something about the legacy that we inherit?

Growing up on a farm in Iowa not far from my grandparents’ farm, I had heard stories of how a barn that my grandparents had built in 1930 nearly caused my grandparents to lose their farm. » Read more..