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Protecting Your Business with a Pre-Nup

Whether you are the only owner of your small business, or have a partner, a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement may help protect your business in the event of your divorce or death.  Read how.

Is Your Inheritance a Marital Asset?

It’s often a good idea to keep any cash or other assets inherited from your parents or other relatives separate from assets that you share with your spouse. » Read more..

Do You Need a Pre-Nup?

If you want maximum control over your assets, a pre-nuptial agreement is a good idea.

Without a pre-nup, Minnesota law determines who gets what in the event of a divorce or your death.  With a pre-nup, your pre-nup contract determines what happens. However, a Minnesota pre-nup must be “procedurally and “substantively fair”. » Read more..