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How Often Should You Check Your Beneficiary Designations?

Your beneficiary designations should be checked every time your situation changes because the beneficiary designations trump anything that you state in your Will or Trust.

Married? Divorced? Chances are you either want to add your new spouse, or delete the ex-spouse as your beneficiary. Don’t delay. An ex-spouse can collect your life insurance benefits at your death if he or she is still named as your beneficiary. » Read more..

Does Having a Will Avoid Probate in Minnesota?

The existence or non-existence of a Will has nothing to do with whether or not probate is required in Minnesota. Your estate may go through probate whether or not you have a Will. » Read more..

Should You Download a Will Off the Internet?

Reliance on an Internet-derived Will can shortchange your opportunities when it comes to protecting your loved ones and transferring your earthly possessions. » Read more..

Choosing Your Estate Planning Attorney

What should you look for in selecting an estate planning attorney?

At a minimum, you should look for the following attributes when selecting an attorney to help you with your estate plan: » Read more..