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Not All Probate Actions Are the Same in Minnesota

One Minnesotan’s probate action may differ considerably from that of another’s.

If you die with more than $50,000 in assets in your name alone, or own real estate in your name alone, a probate proceeding is required in Minnesota to handle the transfer of your assets.

For most Minnesotans, probate is either “formal” or “informal”.  Formal proceedings are of two types: “supervised” or “unsupervised” by the Probate Court. Informal proceedings are always unsupervised, and entail little court involvement. Supervised proceedings involve considerable Court involvement. » Read more..

Prioritize What You Want Future Generations to Keep With a “Family Keepers List”

Your children may not care about the stuff you leave behind – at least not yet – so help them prioritize what they should keep by preparing a “Family Keepers List” for them.

Minnesota’s Star Tribune newspaper published an article April 20, 2013 reporting that family possessions are being shed due to the next generation’s disinterest and/or lack of space. » Read more..

The Power Behind a Power of Attorney Document

A Power of Attorney document is a powerful document that should be used carefully and wisely.  It can be a useful tool, or it can be abused. » Read more..

Will Your Trust Harm Your Spouse?

Caution: Your spouse may face unintended financial consequences at your death if you created a Minnesota revocable trust prior to the steep climbs in the exemption from federal estate taxes that began in 2001. » Read more..