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When Children Inherit: Equal vs. Fair

Over on our Business Law blog, Wittenburg Law posted  “When Children Inherit: Equal vs. Fair“. Visit our business blog to learn more.


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Ideas for Transferring Your Family Business to the Next Generation

Over on our Business Law Blog, Wittenburg Law posted about transferring your family business to your children or other heirs.  Visit our blog to learn more!


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Does It Matter That Your Will is a Public Document?

One of the advantages of having your Minnesota assets distributed by a Revocable Living Trust, rather than through your Will, is that Revocable Living Trust documents can avoid public disclosure whereas Wills admitted into Probate Court become a public document.  » Read more..

Minnesota’s Estate Tax is Not Impacted by the “Fiscal Cliff” Vote

The Congressional vote to avert the so-called fiscal cliff exempts estates of $5 million in value from the federal estate tax. However, Minnesota’s estate tax exemption remains at $1 million. » Read more..

Inheritance When the Family Business is the Centerpiece

Over on our business law blog, Wittenburg has written about issues involved when the family business is the key asset for inheritance.  Visit our blog to learn more.

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