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Can a Person with Impaired Memory Execute a Will?

In Minnesota, the mental capacity to execute a Will is presumed until and unless a court determines otherwise. Mental capacity is determined case by case.  Mere old age and failing memory don’t automatically determine whether a person suffers from mental incapacity. Even if mental capacity is lacking sometimes, the court could determine that the person wrote the Will during a lucid period. » Read more..

What’s the Difference Between Medicaid and Medicare?

Both are federal programs for healthcare costs. However, Medicaid is for the poor regardless of age, whereas Medicare is mostly for persons 65 and older regardless of wealth. Medicare also covers persons with certain disabilities.

Medicare, which is funded and administered at the federal level, provides the same coverage regardless of the state in which one resides. However, Medicaid is run separately by each state, which means that the eligibility rules and the type of coverage vary from state to state. Medicaid eligibility involves both an asset test and an income test. Medicaid and Minnesota’s Medical Assistance rules frequently change.  » Read more..