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When the Minnesota Good Life Ends, What’s a Good Death?

Definitions of a “good death” vary by person, but most people want some control so that they can end life as they desire. While there’s no way to control all aspects of your death, a Minnesota legal document called a Health Care Directive gives you some choices and control when you can’t speak for yourself. A Health Care Directive incorporates what Minnesotans used to call a “living will”.

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The Devilish Delight of Controlling Your Kids From Your Grave

Sometimes this maneuver is referred to as “dead hand control”. Sounds kind of fun in a devilish sort of way, doesn’t it? (Perhaps your kids should have cleaned up their bedrooms when you asked?!)

Seriously, exercising some control over your kids from your grave financially benefits your children by better matching their level of maturity with that of their access to your money and property. To get this control, set up a trust while you’re still alive. Name your kids as beneficiaries of the trust. And, write language into the trust document that lets you pick the ages at which your children will inherit your wealth following your death.

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