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Questions to Ask Your Parents

Sometimes it’s hard for family members to get the conversation started regarding estate planning, so try these questions as an aid to this important discussion:

  1. Do you have a Will?
  2. Do you have a Health Care Directive?  » Read more..

Discover Your Ancestors. Discover Yourself.

Do we inherit more than property and genetic traits from our ancestors?

Do we inherit values and personal characteristics, too? Do family stories tell us something about the legacy that we inherit?

Growing up on a farm in Iowa not far from my grandparents’ farm, I had heard stories of how a barn that my grandparents had built in 1930 nearly caused my grandparents to lose their farm. » Read more..

Prioritize What You Want Future Generations to Keep With a “Family Keepers List”

Your children may not care about the stuff you leave behind – at least not yet – so help them prioritize what they should keep by preparing a “Family Keepers List” for them.

Minnesota’s Star Tribune newspaper published an article April 20, 2013 reporting that family possessions are being shed due to the next generation’s disinterest and/or lack of space. » Read more..