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Benefits of Estate Planning

Let’s admit it: We care about how we are remembered after death, and also about what happens to our lifetime accumulation of financial and other assets.

Thus, it’s foolhardy to think that we can keep putting off estate planning on the premise that death is still a long ways away, or that everything will somehow work out (miraculously) according to our wishes if we do nothing. » Read more..

Second Marriage? Don’t Forget the Trust & the Pre-Nup & the Retirement Plan Waiver

Adults entering second marriages, but having children from a first marriage, should have a pre-nuptial agreement, a trust, and a qualified retirement plan waiver. Relying on a trust alone may not work because the new spouse could challenge the trust under Minnesota law. And, the only way that a new spouse can be waived as the beneficiary of a “qualified retirement plan” is if the new spouse does the waiving.  » Read more..