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You Need a Power of Attorney Document Even if You Have a Trust

What can an agent named under a Minnesota Durable Power of Attorney document do that a trustee can’t do? » Read more..

The Power Behind a Power of Attorney Document

A Power of Attorney document is a powerful document that should be used carefully and wisely.  It can be a useful tool, or it can be abused. » Read more..

Who Decides if You are Buried or Cremated?

In Minnesota, state law sets out a priority for who has the right to control what happens to your body after you die. » Read more..

What is a Guardian? A Conservator? What are the Alternatives for Adults?

When adults fail to plan for how they or their property should be managed in the event that they lose their mental capacity, they may find themselves under the care of a guardian and/or conservator appointed by a Minnesota court. Guardians and conservators cost money, and they are under court supervision. » Read more..