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Should You Discuss Your Estate Plan With Your Children?

There are pros and cons to whether you do or don’t discuss your estate plan with your children, but in many situations it is better that you do so.

It can be a hard conversation to start.  If you, as parents, initiate the discussion, your children may resist because they don’t want to think about your eventual death. If your children initiate the conversation, you may believe that their primary interest in you is how much they might inherit.

In reality, however, you have a lot more to talk about.  » Read more..

Who Inherits Your Unused Cemetery Lot?

Minnesota statutes address who inherits any unused cemetery lots, and the answer may somewhat surprise you.

If your Will doesn’t specifically mention the cemetery lot and doesn’t name just one person to inherit it, the Will has no impact on what happens to the cemetery lot. Note that both conditions  — specific mention and one person named — must be met.

If the conditions are not met, Minnesota law responds as if you had no Will. » Read more..